Mountain River Escape Game

Mountain River Escape

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A mountain and a river is the best combination for a nature hike. You can enjoy the great view of the mountain while you are drinking fresh water from the river. The peace of hiking alone is also what you enjoy the most. But there are pros and cons in doing this peaceful hike. First is that there's nobody can tell you what to do and second, you can enjoy the freedom without any thoughts.  But the negative side is that there will be nobody that can help you carry your things and nobody can help you if you lose your way to the mountain river. And this is what happened to you. You forgot to leave clues on your way to the mountain river and you don't have anything that you can use to track the place.

On the good note, you are trained for this kind of situation. You shall use the items that you can see on the Mountain River to escape. Use your logic to plan an escape mission. You must escape from this area before the sun goes down and that's not long enough. Play Mountain River Escape outdoor escape game from Zooo Games and do your best to escape as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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