Mossy Forest Escape 2 Game

Mossy Forest Escape 2

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It was a nice and sunny day of autumn. As you had a day off from work, you couldn't spend it at home. So you decided to take a walk around the forest and have some fresh air. The reds, yellows, and browns of the fall season is simply giving you that romantic feeling. The combination of the warm sun and cool air is invigorating, too. You feel happy and content as you're enjoying your walk. Even if it was sunny, the forest is damp and

Even if it was sunny, the forest is damp and and the forest floor is mossy all over. At a moment when you were not paying attention, you stepped on a moss, slipped, hit your head and lost consciousness. When you woke up, you don't know where you are. It seems like someone moved you while you were unconscious. Now you are somewhere in the middle of the forest, totally lost your way. Find a way to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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