Mission Escape - Prison Game

Mission Escape - Prison

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"No! I did not!" Your words are heard echoing through the prison walls. You don't know what happened or why you're here. Suddenly, men in uniform rushed through your door and dragged you out. You are brought to an investigation room. The lights swinging back and forth. "Who are you?" one of the men asked you. Confused, you just stared at them. He grabbed your collar and asked you one more time. This time louder. You opened your mouth to speak. But no name came to mind. You thought hard but you can't think of a name. Your name. So you once more stared at the people around you. They grew impatient and tossed you inside a prison cell. All the while you sat there. But regardless of the fact that you have forgotten your name, you still wish to escape. So you start your quest for freedom.


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