Mission Escape - Ice Castle Game

Mission Escape - Ice Castle

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As a spy, you are trained to adopt to any situation. You should be able to blend in among the crowd so they will not get suspicious of you. Because of this, you have to wear clothes that aren't really your style. You even have to perform other tasks that you wouldn't normally do. And this aspect of being a spy brings a lot of fun and happiness to you. Likewise you've been to a lot of places with expenses paid by your agency. Then again, you have also almost lost your life a couple of times especially when you commit mishaps. Just like this one time, you are to obtain a precious crystal. It can be utilize to create a powerful weapon. You're already inside the base, but you forgot to turn your phone on silent. You mother called wondering where you are while you're hanging.

When you look back at these moments, you can't help but smile and laugh. Now you are off to a snowy place. It's quite hard for you. Ice and snow are challenges for you. But duty calls and you have to answer it no matter what. Play Mission Escape - Ice Castle room escape game by Mouse City.


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