Missile In Shaolin Temple Game

Missile In Shaolin Temple

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The Shaolin temple is the place for discipline and meditation. In here, you will learn how to solve the puzzles calmly. They will teach you how to use your logic intensively. And the cool part is, they can also teach you the proper Shaolin Kung Fu technique. But to be successful, you must not leave the temple to prevent any distractions from outside. This is why they locked the door until you reached the end of the session. However, the distraction came to you. There's a missile on the sky and it's about to hit the temple. Now is the right time to apply what you've learned. The door is locked so you have to find a way to open it. There are puzzles that you need to solve before it opens. Recall what the master taught you and use your logic to escape.

You don't have much time left so you have to think as fast as you can. There are items that you can use to open the door and you have to find and collect them. You must escape before the missile hits. Good luck! Missile In Shaolin Temple is the newest room escape game from Enagames. Play this escape game and be the greatest Shaolin ever. Have fun!


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