Minimalistic House Escape 5 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 5

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An old uncle who recently passed away did not forget you in his last will. At a first sight, the old house seem to contain many objects that are useless to you. However, you realize that the house has a secret there when you start flipping switches. This prompts you to start exploring the house because there could be more objects of value here. You remember that your uncle hides his possession in his closet.  You star searching there are soon, you find an envelope with your name on it. Upon reading the letter, you find out that your uncle actually left you clues to the most valuable items in the house. He hid them because he doesn't want his greedy children to find them. Soon you're on the hunt following his letter.

Minimalistic House Escape 5 is a new escape game. Find stars, pieces of code, insects and many more which can help you solve the puzzles. In order to escape you will have to unlock two doors. Good luck and have fun!


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