Mini Tunnels Escape Game

Mini Tunnels Escape

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You are a geologist currently working on a project to find natural gas deep inside a certain cave. Along with your colleagues, you are researching possible places where natural gas are abundant. The whole ten make drills and take soil samples for analyzation. Upon entering the tunnel system of the cave, the place began to rumble. As a result, a part of the entrance is collapsing. Nevertheless, you are still calm since ramblings like these are very common. You went on further into the cave with your team. You see the rambling as a good sign of a gas-loaded cave. However, nobody counted on seeing prison cells in the deepest part of the cave. It seems you and your lab team has stumbled on something you don't want to know.

Mini Tunnels Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape FanFind hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out alive. Good luck!

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