Mind Blowing House Escape Game

Mind Blowing House Escape

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Mind Blowing House Escape is a point 'n click game from The Escape Games. Imagine in this game you are a successful entrepreneur who had been working hard recently in order to develop a new robot which could be able to be programmed to clean the house while the owners were going to be away. The idea came to fruition with big popularity and nearly all of the families became the customers of the company. Your money in your bank account started to rise and you were able to buy your dream house at once. It was a fancy house decorated with state-of-the-art gadgets and filled with modern inventions. One day you set out to sleep when suddenly your phone rang. It was a customer who complained that the robot went mad and started to destroy the house. You immediately put on your shoes and wanted to leave to check the scene but appallingly found the entrance locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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