Micro Prison Escape Game

Micro Prison Escape

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You found yourself in a cage and there are others surrounding your own. Inside are children like yourself, scared and wondering how you got there. Standing up, you tried opening the door of your cell but it won't open. Scanning the area, you saw an entrance and now you're wondering what's beyond there. In the meantime, you're planning your escape. Inside your pocket is the Swiss Army knife you got for your birthday. Carefully, you try picking the lock using a tiny pick from the knife and after a few seconds, something clicked. The cell door opens and you freed the other kids. Soon, five of you are sneaking out of the micro prison and being careful not to get caught.

Micro Prison Escape is small escape the abandoned prison game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Search for various buttons and press on them to advance in the game and open path to freedom. Good luck!

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