Meeting Girl Friend Game

Meeting Girl Friend

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What could Romeo and Juliet say about this love story you stumbled upon while walking on the streets. You saw a guy sitting on a bench with head bent low. You're in pretty high spirits that you can't ignore this lonely guy. So you stopped and sat beside him. You try asking him what's wrong. However, he's still sobbing so you waited for a while. Then his sobbing stopped and he looked up. He told you of love story. When he started, you can't help but smile awkwardly. You don't much about the matter. But the guy might only need an ear to listen to him. He continued to tell you of the soon tragic ending of their love. Both he and his girlfriend were on arranged marriage to some stranger. He can't accept it but he can't be rude to his girlfriend's parents.

So he's just sitting being miserable. You caught on their story and gave him a hint. At once the guy asked for your help to see her girlfriend this New Year. You can't bear to leave them alone and continue on like you don't know anything. So you went with him as he faced the challenges to get to his girlfriend. Meeting Girl Friend is an outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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