Medieval Church Escape Game

Medieval Church Escape

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During Holy Week, some people observe visiting churches. You didn't appreciate any of it when you were younger. But now, you feel like you need to do it every year. However, you want to plan your path so you won't have to meet a lot of road blocks along the way. This year, before the Holy Week, you plan to visit the churches you'll be visiting. Then again, you'll only stay outside and wait for the right time to enter. The last one you visit is the medieval church. It's quite simple on the outside and you're so curious to see what's inside. Suddenly, the rain starts to fall and pour. You have nowhere else to go so you rush inside. It doesn't have much of the furniture of a church but the structure is strong. The walls are still free of dark marks old buildings usually get.

You move around the church as it interests you very much. Then a strong wind blows and it closes the door of the church. At first you feel relieve as the rain will not be able to get inside. But a thought crosses your mind and you go near the door to open it. However, it will not budge. Medieval Church Escape is a room escape game by Mouse City.


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