Medieval Church Escape 2 Episode 1 Game

Medieval Church Escape 2 Episode 1

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There's nothing good about the Medieval Age. Seems like everything is hard in this era but thankfully, there is Church that you can go to. You always stay and pray in the Medieval Church whenever you feel hopeless. You feel like this Church is your go-to place. During these days, knights fight each other non-stop and it's not healthy for a commoner like you. You chose to stay in the Church to feel the peace even for just a while but what you did not know is that the knights were about to attack the place. So instead of peace, you felt scared. You can hear the angry and wild voices of the knights outside the Church and this doesn't feel good.

You wanted to escape from the Medieval Church before the battle starts. However, all the doors were closed. Because of this, you have to find another way to escape.There are items inside the Church that you can use to open the door. Play Medieval Church Escape 2 Episode 1 room escape game from Mouse City and developed by Hidden Key Games. Pray that you can see clues that can help you to escape from the Medieval Church. Good luck and have fun!



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