Mayan Village – Car Escape Game

Mayan Village – Car Escape

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This is one of the greatest break you have received working as a researcher. After working with the kaleido leopard, the whole nation rejoiced at your success. And various research facilities are fighting over to get your attention. You had the privilege to choose your subject. And you chose the Mayan Village. Their existence totally baffles you. You want to get to the bottom of it all. So off you go to explore a Mayan Village. Everything was going well. You found many useful information you could use to back up your claims. However, when it was time to go home, things turned around. Suddenly you lost your car keys and your tires are punctured. So you explore the Mayan Village so much more than you intended. But your search is a challenging me. Then more things come up. So you thought, "Will I ever get away?"


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