Magical Forest Monster Escape Game

Magical Forest Monster Escape

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"You're a monster!". Your friend, who doesn't understand what's going on, yell at you. Instead of feeling hurt, you laugh out loud. It's true that you're a monster. What's the point of yelling it to you when you're fully aware. Your friend looks at you like you're crazy. She's about to leave when you stop her. Then suddenly, another monster appears. He's not in his human form which frightens your friend. You try to ask the monster to transform. But instead, he walks closer to you. You are so tempted to transform into a monster as well. But you can't when your friend is watching. So you just walk back slowly while asking the monster what he wants. "You owe me a lot." These are just the words that comes out of his mouth. You try to remember what he' talking about. Then you remember the monster skills test.

You tell him this isn't the best time to settle things. If he wants, you can both return to your world to settle it there. Instead of agreeing, he grabs your friend and transforms her into a monster. Then he turns and disappears. The only place he'll take your friend is in the magical forest of your world. So you instantly follow them there to rescue her. Play Magical Forest Monster Escape outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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