The Magic Forest Escape Game

The Magic Forest Escape

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The employer who you are working for suddenly fires you. This, however, did not depress you since you are actually planning to quit anyway. The city is causing you much stress because of the health problems it's causing you. Packing your bags, you decide to go on a retreat for awhile. You booked an accommodation by the lake to try and finish the book you're writing. Writing is a bit harder than you thought when you actually have no ideas coming so you decide to take a walk in the woods for a while. After a few minutes of walking, you arrive in clearing surrounded by flowers which looks dazzling but strange in  way. You sat in the center of it and strangely, you felt lightheaded and lost consciousness.

The Magic Forest Escape is our newest game by Ainars. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to obtain them. Good luck and have fun!




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  1. Date: August 8, 2014
    Author: vcam
    Ainars, This Magic Forest Escape is one of your most beautiful. Thank you. VCam
    • Date: August 8, 2014
      Author: Ainars
      Thank you VCam! Shall I make next part for it?
      • Date: August 9, 2014
        Author: vcam
        Absolutely. It was truly enchanting. By the way, I searched for your games especially since you aren't on Escape Games 24 any more, which is such a pity. I hope that you'll be able to work for them also. Your games are particularly wonderful.

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