Magic Flower Room Escape Game

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The Magic Flower of Alina is a rare flower that grows only in the presence of a god. It can be found near to places like the Olympos, or even at the gates of the Otherworld. The flower gives powers to those who consume it. The received power greatly depends on the person who eats it and is chosen accordinlgy by the gods themselves. You and your childhood friend decided to go on an adventure and find one for you and one for him. It took you 11 years, but you finally made it to a place where the flower could be found. However, there was only one. Your friend betrayed your trust and knocked you unconscious. He took the flower and left you there to die. Luckily, you survived and now come the make him pay. It seems he still hasn't eaten the flower, probably still looking for the right way to prepare it.


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