Machinist Home Escape Game

Machinist Home Escape

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Machinist Home Escape is game developed by The Escape Games. Imagine you are an engineer who had been trying to develop a new machine which can convert the smoke into breathable and totally clean air. Your researches aroused the interest of some company like oil refineries and other chemical factories who emitted lots of pollutant substances into the air space. One day finally you managed to finish the device and you submited the price for what you were going to hand over the design of the construction for the companies. All of them find it too much and refused your offer. At night when you arrived home you heared somebody was fumbling in your room. You peeked in and glanced a man searching for the plans of the machine. He noticed you too and started to run out. You activated your security system which locked all of the exit points out of the house. Unfortunately he managed to sneak out through the window before it locked itself but you became locked inside. Only you knew how could the system be turned off but you forgot it during the years. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck and have fun!



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