Luxury Garden Game

Luxury Garden

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It's not hard to tell why this garden is your favorite part of the house. It's simply because it's so luxurious. All of the things that you need are already here because this is not just an ordinary garden. The swimming pool along this garden is what makes this place extra special. Not only that, you can never be hungry in this place because there is a grilling station at the corner. Bed is the only thing missing in this place and this is the reason why you can't sleep in here. However, you really need to sleep so you planned to go inside the house to rest. But from there, you realized that bed is not the only thing missing in this place. The key is also missing and you have to find that to open the door. Without that key, you can't go inside the house.

It's getting late and cold out here so you have to be quick. There are hints around the garden that can help you to locate where the key is. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from 365 Escape and use your logic to escape from the Luxury Garden. Good luck and have fun!

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