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Lost Traveller Escape

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We've got reports on a tourist who went missing. He and his friends got separated while climbing the Miao Mountains. Apparently, the guy chose a different path from the others and it took him around the mountain. He didn't realise it and ended up in the Su Desert. At least that's what we can tell so far from the traces we found. In a few hours it will get extremely hot here, so we have to find him before that. I hope he has enough water on him. Let's keep in touch through the radio and tell me if you find anything.

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  1. Date: April 7, 2016
    Author: TRANCE
    Game will not load. Yes, I use Ad Block, but the game should still load regardless. Escapefan.com has now become unusable due to forcing advertising preventing any and all games from loading........time to move to alternative web sites.

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