Lost Pet Rescue Fantasy Island Game

Lost Pet Rescue Fantasy Island

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Your neighbor is a child who enjoys the company of animals. You became friends because of your dog. You're walking your dog when she suddenly runs out of her house just to pet your dog. She's very brave even though she doesn't know how the dog will react. Thankfully your dog is as friendly as she is. They're instant friends. She usually walks up to your dog to ask if she can walk him. Although you love walking your dog, you somehow find it hard to say no. So she carefully takes the leash and proudly walks the dog. Sometimes your friends would come up to you and ask if your dog is missing. You always have to tell them that your neighbor simply likes walking your dog. Dog treats are sometimes on your front door. She doesn't like showing herself when she gives something.

But you always send her cookies and thank you notes. For her birthday, you search for shelters to find the best animal friend for her. You tell the personnel the personality of the child and they give you a kitten that can get along with her. She truly loves the kitten but just like her, the kitten loves adventures as well. Play Lost Pet Rescue Fantasy Island outdoor escape game by Free Room Escape.

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