Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels Game

Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels

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Your adventure starts out with so much fun! You have all your archaeologist friends with you. And you really like having them around. It's like all of you have the same brain waves that you easily understand the importance of your work. However, no matter how critical your work may be, the fun within the group is always present. You always make sure that everyone is enjoying the work. If not, then you may have to have a little break. Today's mission is to look for a significant thing in the tunnel. You searched for this place in the internet. Many archaeologists have given up their search here. They're saying that it's not worth losing your life for something you can't even find. This statements makes you smile every time. The thrill of being in new places and experiencing unexpected events are somehow what motivates you.

You're walking on a path when suddenly strong winds begin to blow. You look around but the place is getting darker and darker. You're trying to get hold of anyone your hands can reach. But everyone, except you remains on the spot. The rest vanishes with only their torches remaining. Yet you know you can't give up the search. So you continue. Play Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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