Lost In Antarctica Game

Lost In Antarctica

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Winter is coming and you don't like it. However, it's always summer in Hawaii so you plan to go in that beautiful place. You can already imagine the fine sand and the blue sea. It's so nice to dip into the sea and you just have to wait for a few hours and you will be there. But while you were on the way, something came up. The airplane's engine failed and you need an emergency landing. The nearest landing location in is Antarctica. The pilot says he has to land the plane in there or else, the plane will crash. You don't have a choice but to stay strong. You don't like winter and what more the cold weather in Antarctica.

There is no signal in this place so you can't make a call and ask help from anybody. But what's in that area are items that can help you to escape. You have to be resourceful and use the remaining items that you have. You also have to be mindful of the clues around you to make your escape easier and faster. Lost In Antarctica is a brand new outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Best of luck!


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