Lost Christmas Gift Game

Lost Christmas Gift

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You don't know when this started, but every Christmas you have to call Santa . You're like his checker. You have to check on him to make sure he has all the gifts he needs to deliver. While thinking of these, you remembered when it started. There was a year that Santa forgot to bring his gift you. You called your friend asking for his gift to you. He told you it's with Santa. But the season was almost over and the gift was still nowhere. You're pretty sure you're not the only one who's experiencing this. So you posted an online question. And the number of responses surprised you. There were a lot of you and some are even close to not believing in Santa anymore. This was not your intended response. So you feel responsible with this uproar and decided to do something about it.

You found a way to contact the North Pole. An elf operator pushed your call to Santa's office. Mrs. Clause received it and she was so welcoming. However, when she heard your message, she sounded so disappointed. You tried to cheer her up and even offered your help to make things better. And that's when you started looking for lost Christmas gifts every Christmas. Lost Christmas Gift is a room escape game by Mirchigames.


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