Little Rock Game

Little Rock

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This rock might be little but it brings a smile on your face. Your preschool friend gave it to you. Not to mention that you have a huge crush on her. So, you really value this rock and you want to keep it forever. However, something happened to it while you are in the playground. It dropped out of your pocket and you don't know where it landed. It might on the see-saw, the swing or on the sandbox. That Little Rock is like a treasure for you so you have to do everything to find it. Since you have no clue where it is, you have to look for hints that can help you to locate the Little Rock. Someone might pick it up so you have to be quick. Logic is very important for you to complete this puzzle so you have to think deep.

There are objects in this playground that can help you to trace where the Little Rock is. You have to collect and inspect those items. Play this brand new point n' click outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math and find the Little Rock as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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