Little Monsters Escape Game

Little Monsters Escape

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Most people find your weird. You like being alone and being with other people annoys you. You also have a world of your own. Every time you feel uncomfortable, you open your notebook and write. These writings can't be understood by others though. You have your own set of letters that only you know of. It's not like you don't like people. It's just that it bothers you when they try to be friendly with you. They don't have to try, they just have to be. You have no problem entertaining them if they want a chat. But they can't expect you to do the same for them. And because of this, you bought a piece of land somewhere near the forest. It's a place accessible to the road but far from people. You have no noise pollution here and the animals' sounds keep you company.

While strolling on the edge of the forest, you see little creatures walking along with you. You take a closer look to identify what kind of animals they are. But surprisingly, they are not animals but monsters. You touch them and when none of them bites, you give each a name. They are your regular buddies when walking. But it's strange when they haven't shown up for the past few days. Play Little Monsters Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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