Little Johny 2 - Playschool Game

Little Johny 2 - Playschool

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Little Johny is a child whose parents are very busy. They go to the office every day and leaves him in a playschool. Little Johny doesn't really mind. In fact, he usually likes it since he can be with his friends. You met little Jonhy one day while he was waiting for his parents. You got to talk to him and even read him a story. His parents soon arrived and you went home as well. You got a part-time job in the playschool. You help the facilitators in maintaining the place. One day, his parents weren't able to pick him up early. The school closed without knowing that you and little Johny are still inside. You have to keys to the door. So instead, you just looked around for things that you can use to escape the playschool.


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