Little Island: 20 Diamonds Game

Little Island: 20 Diamonds

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Due to your unquestionable fame, a pirate crew hired you to retrieve 20 diamonds to them. Well okay... they did not really hire you, it was more like a kidnapping thing. These diamonds are on a little island, but the pirates weren't able to find them. The owner of this island made sure to secure the treasure, this is why the pirates couldn't get it. But you are a really creative treasure hunter, maybe the best treasure hunter in the world. Now it's time to show what you're capable of.

You won't go home alive if you don't find and give the diamonds to the pirates. Taking you only a few good hours to retrieve the diamonds in a sunken ship, you haul yourself back to the pirate ship and presented it to the captain. To his delight, he makes you another offer. This time, though, you have to decline because there's no way you want to join their crew. The captain took offense so now, he wants you to walk the plank!

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