Little Girl Escape 4 Game

Little Girl Escape 4

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Imagine in this game you are the daughter of a wealthy family and you make your studies in a private school which usually organizes classtrips to exotic places like the rainforests and the Savannah. One day you finsihed to learn about the wildlife of the african plains during the biology course and the teacher said you were due to visit this extraordinary landscape the next week as a school program. As it was scheduled when you arrived you put down your stuff in your hotel and headed out to a jeep tour on the vast meadows. You were observing the life of the elephants and other wild animals for hours when suddenly the car broke down. Meanwhile a lion started to approach the car. You managed to climb up onto a tree quickly and found a refuge against this giant animal there. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to outmanoeuvre the lion somehow and get down. Good luck and have fun!



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