Little Badger Room Escape Game

Little Badger Room Escape

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You are a zookeeper treating a sick badger at home for weeks. One day when you woke up and found the small animal with a slavering mouth. You realize the sickness started to spread all over his body and the treatment didn't work. If the badger had bitten you, you would became sick as well. However, you worry about the animal and this time calls for a veterinarian. While it's eating breakfast inside its cage, you left it for awhile to run an errand. You came home with your veterinarian friend only to find the badger trying to escape. The vet, trying to secure the badger, got bitten. The badger ran away but your friend needs help for now.

Little Badger Room Escape is a point and click game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out somehow. Good luck!


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