Litore House Escape Game

Litore House Escape

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It's a beautiful day to be at the beach. The sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly. Days like these you just want to stay out of the house and enjoy the surroundings. You invited your friends to join you but they are busy with their documents. They are trying to climb up the ladder of their career while you're trying to make use of your youth. You're friends but you have varying priorities. You tend to be carefree and enjoy every bit of free time. They value prestige and honor. So you let them be and pack your things for the beach. While walking on the shore, you see a beautiful shell. It reminds you of the scene in Moana. So you pick it up and move to the edge of the water. You're hoping the water will split up and reveal more shells.

But it's not the case. Then you just continue your walk. After a few minutes of walking, you see a beautiful cage. It's like a cage used by royalties. It has such an intricate design. But what surprises you is the bird inside. The bird moves and the cage changes its appearance as well. Both of them look ordinary in an instant. Play Litore House Escape outdoor escape game by Zooo Games.

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