Light Man Escape Game

Light Man Escape

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Light Man Escape is just another point 'n click escaping game from Games 4 King. Assume in this game you are an addicted traveller who had been discovering places around the world in the wake of one of the most popular story called Indiana Jones. One day you glanced an article in your newspaper which was about a jungle where one part of the story was filmed. You decided to have a journey there and the next week you were already on a plane there. When you arrived your first journey led you to your hotel where you met a local man. He recommended you to visit a nearby cave which was inhabited by the cavemen in the primitive ages and their painting were bedecking the walls since then. Arriving to this famous place you realized the man told the true. You were examining the breathtaking pictures for hours when suddenly you heared a strong noise. The entrance of the cave collapsed. You have to find hidden objects and fit them together to find another way out. Good luck!



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