Light House Game

Light House

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You are a tourist who availed an island hopping tour from a Travel Agency. You are excited to go on a trip so you booked the earliest date possible--the next day. You packed your things and went to the shopping center to buy things necessary for your trip.

The next day, you checked-in early at the airport so that you can have plenty of time to rest before the plane departs and before it lands--plane travel was 8 hours. You arrived at your destination before dawn and was picked up by the Travel Agency's contact for the island hopping tour. You were expecting other people on the tour as well but as it turns out no one was booked for that day except for you so the tour guide told you that you are free to choose your first island destination.
You picked the island that had the tallest lighthouse among the other ones. The moment you got inside the lighthouse, the tour guide hit you in the head. You woke up several hours later, the room was dark and no one was around.


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