Lift The Curse Of Princess Game

Lift The Curse Of Princess

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Princess Delia was probably the most beautiful woman in the realm and she was well aware of this. She was very boastful and sniffy. We could say she only cared about herself. One day, she was outside of the castle, roaming the countryside with her carriage. They passed by a totally burnt down village. It was destroyed when a barbaric army broke into the empire and went on a rampage. A woman came up to the royal carriage and asked for help. She lost everything. Her children, her husban, her house... The princess ignored her and ordered the guards to beat her up for touching her cloth. After the punishment, the old woman cursed her and died from her injuries. From that day, the princess turns into a boar on every second days. She couldn't bear it and left the castle. Some people say she lives in the forests now. The king offered a huge reward for the person who can breake this curse and bring her back to the castle. Let's go and give it a try!


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