Leprechauns Game


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You had a childhood friend who resided in Ireland. He transferred to your school during your first grade. You were seatmates and you instantly became friends. He was very friendly and he spoke in your second language. It was so fun for you to converse with him as you can practice your fluency. Although sometimes you had to think hard of the word to use for him to understand. You both had watches of the same brand and it made you closer than ever. He had an older brother and a little sister and they were all good looking. So the school paid so much attention to them. But you felt lucky enough to have him as your classmate and be like best friends as well. He said he might not be around the following year. It saddened you but he said it was not final yet.

Then the new school year started and he and his brother and sister were no longer around. You were hoping he's be back the following year as he said he would. But he never came back. Decades after, you searched for any trace of him and you found out he was back in Ireland. You wished to see him badly so you went there. However, having a reunion with him takes a lot of challenges. But you very much will be able to do it with Sneaky and the leprechauns. Play Leprechauns outdoor escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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