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Lego Guesthouse

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You love legos so much. So you when you heard that the maker of lego lives in your neighborhood, you quickly went to his house. You want to get along to know more about legos. You want to meet him so bad and luckily, he is friendly and nice enough to let you in. He showed you around the guesthouse and it is the greatest thing that you ever saw. In fact, he even lets you stay for a while. He also said that he will give you free legos if you can solve the puzzles that he prepared. Of course, you didn't say no for an answer. You said yes faster than ever but he has certain conditions for his little game. The thing is, you have to escape from this Lego Guesthouse by solving all the lego related puzzles.

Also, you have to make it before the timer runs out. If not, you can't get a free lego from him. You can't waste any time so you have to start right now and look for clues that can help you out. Play this brand new room escape game from Free Room Escape and escape from the Lego Guesthouse quickly. Have fun!

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