Last Resort Escape Game

Last Resort Escape

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Summer is finally here! You waited so long for this summer to come and now, you can finally have an escapade. The thing is, you haven't reserve a spot in any of the resorts. Because of this, you don't have a resort to stay in. All of the high-end resorts are full. Thankfully, there is one resort that is open and they have lots of room available. This is the last resort in the list so you grabbed the opportunity. When you got to the hotel, you thought twice to enter because it's too old. But because you don't have any other choice, you still went in. That is the worst decision that you ever made because this resort is not inviting. The pool is not so good and the rooms are stinky. You rather stay at home than have your vacation in this resort.

The problem is, the staff aren't accommodating so now that you can't get out of your room, you have to find your own way to escape. You can't enjoy your vacation if the situation is like this. Play Last Resort Escape room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City and use your logic to escape. Good luck!


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