Kitten Escape Game

Kitten Escape

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You were lonely when you first moved in your house. You don't know anyone and coming up to your neighbors was a nightmare. So you usually stayed inside your house. There were a number of considerate people who visited you and even gave you welcoming gifts. You thanked them from the bottom of your heart but you haven't established a relationship with them yet. It's quite sad be in this house all alone. But then, it seemed like someone answered your prayer and you found yourself a friend. You found it the night before a storm fell. Since then you kept this little friend of yours close to you. Your little friend's a kitten. It's been only weeks since you found him so he's still in his cute kitten state. And kittens usually are like kids. He's very hyper and can get to lots of troubles.

One time when you left the door open, your kitten rushed out to chase a butterfly. He was so focused with the butterfly that he didn't notice the puddle of water. He jumped and landed straight into it. You cleaned him afterwards as he can get a cold. Now he's playing somewhere once more and you found him trapped behind the bars of a little hut. Play Kitten Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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