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King Toad Escape

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After graduating at the Academy of Magic, you look all over for some work. As a researcher, you have to find a research facility that'll make good use of your ability. Lucky for you your father is also a researcher. However, he doesn't want you to rely on him. He just gives you hints on what to do and you have to figure out the rest. Sometimes it makes you feel empowered. Other times it makes you feel frustrated. You don't enjoy hints that much. You want people to tell you exactly what to do to achieve something. Although trial and error helps in building a stronger foundation, you still don't like it. Then again, you have to find the way through your father's path. And slowly you enter a researcher's world with a bonus. Unknown to many people, the fantasy world also needs researchers.

You find it crazy at first. You're a researcher glued to science. Then you're offered this job. But you just have to accept it and you did. Now you're visiting various fantasy places average people can't reach. Yet it also comes with a risk. Creatures can play tricks which aren't always amusing. Play King Toad Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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