The Keeper Of Dark House Game

The Keeper Of Dark House

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One day, you received a letter. When you opened and read it you discovered that it was from a late uncle who you barely remember, in it he wrote about his sickness and since he had no children he is leaving his possessions to you. This was really nice of him, but you felt sad because you never got to see him before he passed away.

The next day, you went to your late uncle's house; the house's exterior was extravagant. You thought, "My uncle was rich?"

You walked to the front lawn and made your way inside--the door wasn't locked. You were taken aback by what you saw inside, every single thing's dark-coloured. On the site this, you tried to step outside for a while only to find out that you were locked inside. What secrets lie inside this Dark House? Can you survive this gloomy situation in time before it gets dark?

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