Just Escape 3 Game

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Justinianus, your co-worker is a very sly man. You have to put up with his arrogance each day because he's sitting at the table next to you. He would even sell his own mother if he could earn something from it. Today he left early from work. In the afternoon, when you packed your things and was about to head home, you noticed your new watch was missing. It was on the table a few hours ago. It's still new and your hand isn't used to it so you took it off. Then it became clear all of a sudden... Justinianus stole it. I saw how envious he was. That little... Next day you took a day off just to have time to break into his apartment and retrieve your watch. You were already inside when your wife called and told she found the watch in your bag. You instantly regretted breaking in, mostly because you closed the door behind you and now it's locked. Let's escape!


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