Java Island Escape Game

Java Island Escape

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Java Island Escape is a game from Ena Games. Imagine one day you were working in your office when you got tired and decided to run over your favourite magazine in order to rest a couple of minutes. Suddenly you glanced an advertisement which promoted a tour into the Indonesian islands. You called the travel agency and booked the journey for two persons. The next week you were already on the plane heading to this beautiful place. When you arrived to the island called Java your first way led you to the beach. You spent there hours when suddenly your phone rang. It was one of your friends informing you that he saw on the television that a lethal virus was found in a human body in that island and everybody had to flee to avoid the disease. Let's experience this situation but don't waste your time and do something to get out as soon as possible. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get away. Have fun!



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