Italian Restaurant Escape 2 Game

Italian Restaurant Escape 2

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You managed to get out of the Italian restaurant that was owned by the notorious mob boss, Giovanni Pizziani. When the mob boss found out about this he arranged to send you away into one of his many restaurants, this one more equipped and more secure than the first.

You wake up inside the walk-in freezer (again)--I guess this mob boss has a thing for trapping people inside walk-in freezers--and then you started to scout the room for ways to crack the door open. While you were doing this you heard someone through a speaker, it was mob boss Pizziani himself telling you that he's giving you a second chance; he's willing to spare your life if: (1) you manage to escape his lair and (2) you accept his offer to live off the grid with a different identity and to never interfere with the makings of the crime organization again.

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