Island Escape (8B Games) Game

Island Escape (8B Games)

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Island hopping is your new hobby. However, you are sick of these old islands and you crave for a new one. So you got into your boat and went out to find a new island. Luckily, you found a beautiful one. You feel like you hit a jackpot because this is the best island that you've been to so far. However, it is too far from your home. But there is nothing to worry about because you know that you have your boat. However, some unfortunate things happened. While you were on the island, a massive storm passed by. So you went to a cave to keep yourself safe. You went out right after the storm surge but what you saw melts your heart. It was pure devastation and the island's such a wreck. The bad news is, your boat is also a wreck.

You can't use your boat in that kind of situation. So you have to find items that you can use to fix your boat. That is the only way to escape from this island. You have to escape from there as soon as possible so you have to be quick and use your logic. Island Escape (8B Games) is a brand new outdoor escape game from 8B Games. Good luck!


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