Into the Forest Game

Into the Forest

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You and your friends at camp get a free day with no activities by the counselors. All of you are anticipating it because this gives you a chance a explore the forest. However, your counselors warned and forbids you to go beyond the camp. The three friends are adamant, though. They want to see what's inside the cave a few meters away from the camp itself. Furthermore, there's a rumor that the cave is where Big Foot actually lives! One of your friends is taking his camera hoping to catch evidence of the creature. You and your friends waited until it's dark. You sneak out of the camp heading towards the cave. Suddenly, a growl escapes from the entrance of the cave.

Into the Forest is a point and click escape game which brings to you an interesting challenge. The final portal needs the forest crow to be activated, so find it to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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