Hurt Room escape Game

Hurt Room escape

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Hurt Room escape is a escaping game from Games2Rule. Imagine in this game you are a detective who had been investigating about a murder wich took place in your city about a month ago. All of the clues had already finished at a dead end but one day finally you managed to come up with a new conclusion. You found an evidence which predicted that the murderer had been hiding in an abandoned building in the suburb of the city. You set out to check the place alone. When you arrived you realize it was the perfect place for criminals like that because it was a closed area, even the police had to have permission to enter there. Getting inside the building you found why you came. It was elaborated as a torturing room where the criminal could kill his victims. You took some photo to have enough evidence and wanted to leave but you bumped into a locked entrance however you didn't even close the door. Search for different objects around and fit them together to get out. Have fun!



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