Hooda Escape Trump Tower Game

Hooda Escape Trump Tower

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"Clinton, Clinton!" You yelled because that you can't control yourself as you hear the platforms of the guy. You are really not a fan of Trump. But since you are part of the press, you have to be present in there and required to hear his speech. It's clear that you don't share the same opinion. Your ears tingle whenever you hear him talk. Yes, you are brave enough to shout your hate but you forgot that you are on his turf. You are at the Trump Tower. The guards heard you and took you away. They brought you to a secret room inside the tower and locked you in there. You can imagine what lies ahead of you.

The guards gave you hints about what they will do to you after Trump's meeting. But the positive side is, you still have time to escape from Trump Tower. You have to escape from the room before the meeting is over. The tower is full of objects and clues that can help you to escape. Mr. Trump is surely not happy with what you've done so you better escape before he goes down to the room. Hooda Escape Trump Tower is a brand new room escape game you can enjoy. This exciting game is made by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math! Good luck!

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