Hooda Escape New York Game

Hooda Escape New York

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"New York! New York!" You sing out loud as you walk along the crowded streets of New York. It's your first time being here. Your friend who hit big time invited you over to witness the Christmas Parade. You have only watched the parade on the television and secretly wishing you were there. However, you never told anyone about your wish. But someone somewhere must be listening to your wishes and decided to grant them. And so now, you're on your way to the place. You search for your most fashionable outfit to wear. You're heading to New York and it's like a big runway. So you're taking this opportunity to do your catwalk there. But you sigh a little as you look at how small your wardrobe is. Yet your friend calls you to inform you that your clothes are taken care of.

All you have to is just to reach the place. It's a long flight to reach New York but it gives you enough time to plan out your stay there. Upon arriving, your friend rushes towards you and leads the way. And the snow outside serves as a pleasant surprise. But it also turns into a horrible weather where you need to escape. Play Hooda Escape New York outdoor escape game by Hooda Math.

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