The Holy Phrovackh Lair Escape Game

The Holy Phrovackh Lair Escape

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You crave for something new so you went on a vacation on an unknown island. In that island, there is a tribe. Even though you can't understand each other, you still went with them. They seem so nice but you can't understand anything that they say. You trust them anyway because you don't have a choice. The only thing that you know is that their master is Phrovackh and they invited you to meet him. You went to The Holy Phrovackh Lair but looks like he is not happy with your presence. You felt like you are not welcome in here but he is still kind to accept you though. But if you thought that he really accepted you, you are wrong. He let you enter his lair just to lock you in there.

You are now the tribe's prisoner and there's no way that they will let you out. But, you can always think of a way to escape. There are lots of items in the lair that you can use to escape. There are also clues around the place and you just have to use your logic to understand it. The Holy Phrovackh Lair Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from EnaGames. Good luck!

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