Helicopter Villa Escape Game

Helicopter Villa Escape

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Good morning, Agent. I have a new mission for you. This time you entered the villa of El Gustavio. You need to find  sufficient evidence to send him to jail once and for all. He is an infamous treasure thief. Your main objective is to steal his helicopter from the roof the villa, and bring it back to our base. To do that you'll need three golden chips and a password. So first of all you have to obtain these by solving puzzles, finding clues and hints.

You are our best agent, so act accordingly. There are a few things you should keep in mind, though. First, try to be as discreet as possible while trying to infiltrate the villa. Two, if you being in the villa alerted the goons, take them out fast. Lastly, avoid damaging the helicopter as it will serve the agency well. Good luck and hurry up!


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