Heisted Treasure Recovery Game

Heisted Treasure Recovery

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Joe Heringway's novel, the Heisted Treasure Recovery, turned out to be a puzzle. If you solve it, the plot will lead you to a real treasure. First of all, there was a hidden message in the book. If you read it correctly, it told about the story of the treasure. It was collected by an expeditioner in Nort Africa. He hid it when the war broke out and left the country to wait until it was peaceful again. However, he died in a plague in London two years after. There was only one person who knew about the existence of the treasure, his girlfriend. She hired a group of mercanaries to go and pick it up, but they betrayed her and kept it for themselves. Heringway met them in a pub in Africa and overheard their brawl over their shares. The three mercanaries ended up dead as they got into a fight after drinking all night, so the secret was in Heringway's hand. He wasn't a brave man. He decided to not go for the treasure but write about it instead.


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